Film Depositions/Coatings

  • Thermal oxidation

  • LPCVD poly/ amorphous Si (doped/ undoped), SiO2 (LTO/ HTO), SiN (stoichiometric/ low stress)

  • PECVD a-Si, SiOx, SiN (temp < 350C)

  • ALD Al2O3, TiO2

  • PVD sputtered/ evaporated metals

  • PVD reactively sputtered ceramics

  • (TiN, AlOx, AlN, SiOx, SiNx, etc.)

  • Polymer spin/ spray coating


  • G-line/ I-line/ DUV PR processes

  • Biocompatible PR processes (Su-8, photosensitive polymers, etc.)

  • Liftoff lithography (negative liftoff PR, bilayer processes, etc.)

  • Contact/ Projection printing

  • Small CD and High alignment accuracy

  • Front-to-backside alignment

  • Cross platform compatibility for DUV steppers


  • RIE/ ICP/ TCP dry etch (Si based films, metal, metal oxide/nitride, polymer, III-V)

  • Ionmilling

  • Dry XeF2 and VHF etching

  • Si DRIE

  • Wet chemical etching


  • 3D laser scan (opaque surface scan)

  • Interferometry/ ellipsometry

  • (transparent film thickness)

  • Electrical measurements (four-point probe, IV measurement, etc.)

  • SEM/EDS (topical and cross-sectional inspections, material identification)

  • Stylus Profilometry

  • X-ray Diffraction

  • AFM


  • Wafer dicing

  • Wire bonding

  • Wafer level bonding

  • Flip-chip bonding